Thursday, June 18, 2009

Savannah and Charleston Highlights

I could have added so many more pictures from the trip to this post. I must have taken over five hundred! So as you can see, I had to REALLY narrow it down a bit~;o) To see them all, visit my facebook page. Wow where to begin....most of what we visited was all historical, which I love. This way I can put a short story with a picture. This was a truly amazing little vacation we took. And my ankles only managed to swell up twice during the entire trip! Twice and only twice so far, I want to keep it that way! Word to the wise fellow pregger friends. While touring other cities during vacation, don't go gallivanting all around town in sandals. And for those of you who already knew this (which would probably account for about 98% of you) why didn't y'all warn me?! So we were in Savannah for six days and Charleston for one. Yep, that's right. We made a surprise visit there instead of Hilton Head Island, it was a last minute change of plans so sorry to say that there are no beach pictures this time. Although we did manage to squeeze a couple of lighthouse pictures in. We toured a lot of Savannah, and we did this by foot pretty much most of the the time. But everything was close in and there was much to see and visit so it was well worth the walk, and exercise~;o) We were up at the crack of dawn practically every morning and back at around 8pm almost every evening. Long days for us yet we still didn't manage to squeeze everything that we wanted to see in. But for the most part we did very well and now we have an excellent excuse to go back~;o) Although I do have to say, after visiting one would hardly need to come up with an excuse for visiting, the scenery alone is enough! Some of the grand highlights of our vacation included: A trolley tour, City Market, the 22 Historical District Squares, Tybee Island Lighthouse, Fort Pulaski, the Cockspur Lighthouse, Wormsloe Plantation, the Lady and Sons Restaurant, southern food, and blueberry picking! It is good to be back, though I will say after seeing Charleston, we almost wanted to move there! Enjoy the pictures~:o)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A visit with the locals.....

While at the market in Savannah we visited the second floor expecting to see more shops but instead got a bonus! Several of the locals rent a decent sized work studio on this floor. Some of these type of studios include: jewelry, knitting, and painting. We were lucky to run into Derek Larson of Addikt Space Studios. Derek and his friend Kyle Stavella, are both graduates of The Savannah College of Art and Design or (SCAD). Their studio is located in The City Market at the intersection of Jefferson and w. St. Julian St. on the second floor. Some of their work in includes various forms of painting, and unique digital comic strip art on vintage window panes.

When we planned our trip to Savannah I made certain to squeeze some time in to visit Wormsloe's Historic Site! Oaks trees stretch for about a mile before reaching the historic ruins and their museum (which by the way is filled with all kinds of reasonably priced treasures.) The staff was extremely helpful and friendly too! If your heading into Savannah, this is a must see! A special thank you goes out to Thomas and Kathy for making our visit an extra comfortable one!

Before heading into Charleston, we were fortunate to stumble across Champney's Farm. One of the highlights of this farm is their blueberry bushes run by John and his daughter Cameron. Very friendly and helpful people, they give you the option of purchasing blueberries right off the table, or grabbing a bucket and picking them on your own. And if your lucky, you might get to see their cute new puppy Isabel! They are located in Ravenel, SC 29470. If you are interested in purchasing from them they can be reached at (843) 763-6564.

As we were on our way to the visitor's center in Charleston, we came across a jolly bunch of men who were so kind to let me snap a photo of them~:o) The Charleston Fire Department has to be one of the kindest crew I've ever met. If your in their neck of the woods your sure to get a friendly "hi" from them~:o) Their station dates back to 1882. Thats about all for now friends, my next post will include highlights of our visit in both cities, stay tuned!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Were back from vacation.....

We are back from our vacation to Savannah! I am exhausted yet completely satisfied!! We even made a surprise stop in Charleston, SC! I will post pictures of some of the locals and also some of the historical and scenic areas as well as soon as I can.

In crafting news I made this lovely name bracelet for a friend's little girl who just turned 3 years old! If you are interested in one you can find them in my etsy shop: Studio Bebe. Until next time darlings~:o)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Going out of Town.....

I am just about finished packing for our trip to Savannah, I'm so excited!! We will be away starting tomorrow through Sunday. I will have my laptop with though so I won't be without email. I can't wait to get pictures of Savannah and her beaches!! I look forward to sharing them with you too! For now let me leave you with the craft of the day, at least I think so. I am always having trouble with ideas for Father's Day. Thanks to a dear friend from work I won't have any problems finding the perfect card for my Dad and Daddyo~;o) I hand made these cute little Father's Day cards from scrapbooking card stock and some buttons!! I am hoping to put some of these into the little shop soon! They also make great Birthday cards for those special guys in your life! Keep an eye out for them in my Southern Bliss etsy store! Cheerio for now friends~:o)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Some Fun Splurging.....

Well we know where I have been spending my money at lately~;o) I purchased a couple of fun little toys for the baby and everything was so beautifully presented and reasonably priced! I LOVE etsy!! The top are some soft and sweet shabby chic baby blocks by MoreCookiesPlease. The next is a baby journal handmade from a little golden book by thishandmadelife. And finally these adorable little handstitched felt animal cookies by DaisyDaydreams. Want your own? Be sure to checkout their shops to see what other goodies they have! Until next time friends~:o)
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