Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Listed....

(Kitchen Gift Tags)

(Autumn Maple Leaf Die-Cuts)

(Nine Months Preggers~;o)

I listed a few items at my etsy shop today! Trying to stay busy while waiting for you know who to arrive~;o) Still working on the kitchen gift tags, but if you are interested in the fall leaves feel free to take a peek in the shop: Southern Bliss I am hoping to add a few more different varieties soon too!! I also added an updated picture of the baby bump, enjoy! Until next time friends~;o)

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Nursery~:o)

(One of many lovely gifts we were showered with~:o)

(Changing Table/Dresser)

(I think she already has more clothes than me now.)


(A little library/play station.)

(We purchased her crib from Ikea.)

Well, the nursery is finally complete! That is, for now atleast~;o) I wanted to go with a COTTAGE CHIC look and I think I achieved it!! I would like to add some more pictures, perhaps a bunting, and a handmade mobile. It's a work in progress, stay tuned~;o)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands

(The Ferry to Caladesi Island)

(Sand Dunes on Honeymoon Island)

(A pose by the Sand Dunes~;o)


(Love the way these Kayaks were tossed upon the deck.)

(Caladesi Island Beach)

(One of the local residents of Honeymoon Island)

(Boat ride back)

(I really like the boat on this Sundial.)

We went out of town for the day to visit Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands. At first it rained when we got there for about a half hour. I was bummed out, but after that the day turned out rather beautiful! I was able to get a couple of great shots in, and Caladesi was filled with many beautiful shells! This time I made sure I brought a ziploc bag for them. Who ever invented those was a genius and a lifesaver!! If you'll recall last time when we went to Egmont Key late in November of last year, I had to use my hat. Caladesi and honeymoon Islands are definitely worth visiting, though I will say this, Egmont Key has been my favorite Island to visit so far. It costs $8 per vehicle to get onto Honeymoon Island, and the ferry to get to Caladesi is $10 per person round trip. Not bad compared to a theme park friends~;o) Some of the highlights include cafes on both beaches, a dog beach, kayaking, biking, a playground for the kiddos, wildlife nature trails, shelling, and of course the water! Enjoy the pictures and until next time friends~:o)

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