About Rebecca


Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Rebecca, I am a follower of Christ, Wife, Mama, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Southern Girl, Teacher, Blogger, Photographer, Traveler, Baker, Home Maker, lover of Arts and Crafts, Scrapbooker, Planter, and Dreamer. It is here where I record my thoughts, ideas, and special events, when I can, I find it to be a great form of therapy for me as well, a time of reflection for me. I am not the most elaborate person when it comes to writing,  although I really wish I was, I am just a simple writer. So here is a bit more about me and the things I love....

    Things I love:
  1. Emmanuel and Isabella.
  2. Taking landscape, wildlife, still life, and portrait pictures.
  3. Southern Bliss, my etsy shop.
  4. Home-making
  5. Traveling.
  6. Scrapbooking.
  7. Sewing.
  8. Parties and Entertaining.
  9. Southern Food, especially ribs and wings.
  10. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
  11. Creating Paper Banners.
  12. Die-Cuts.
  13. Decorating.
  14. Pearls.
  15. Vera Bradley.
  16. State Parks.
  17. Hiking.
  18. Farms.
  19. Farmers Markets.
  20. Rain.
  21. Peonies.
  22. English Roses.
  23. Waterfalls.
  24. Lighthouses.
  25. Cottages.
  26. Bed & Breakfasts.
  27. Boats.
  28. The Sand and Sea.
  29. Palmtrees with Lights on them.
  30. Ice-cream, especially dipped cones.
  31. Seashells.
  32. Pumpkin Patches.
  33. Apple Orchards.
  34. Honey Bees.
  35. Pie Birds.
  36. Milk Glass.
  37. Mismatched China.
  38. China with words written on them.
  39. Vintage and Retro.
  40. Thrift Shops.
  41. Holidays.
  42. Seasons.
  43. Savannah, GA.
  44. Charleston, SC.
  45. Florida.
  46. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket.
  47. Ellijay and the Blue Ridge Mountains
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