Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Etsy!

Yes it's offical, I have an etsy shop now lol! Here are a couple of my newest lines :) Hair flowers and headbands! To view these items at my shop click on the following link: http://studiobebe.etsy.com

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Etsy is The Bomb!

Do you love unique? Do you love handmade and boutique?? Then Etsy is for you! This website is THE BOMB and I am sooooooooooooooo hooked! Etsy is just like ebay but only for handmade designer items. Here are a couple of gorgeous findings that I splurged on today! A cheery cherry tissue pouch, a soothing lavender sachet in the shape of an inviting house, and a whimsical French inspired change purse made out of vibrant euro-colored houses! To find more unique items go to esty.com! Until next time treasure hunters, happy shopping!
(Photos Courtesy of: various artists on etsy)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Delightful Delectables!

I should be hard at work doing my homework right now but its just so much more fun to go treasure hunting for beautiful and unique findings! With that being said here are the finds of the evening! These yummy pastries actually come from two different sellers. The first two cakes come from "The Pink Boutique." The last two chenille cakes come from "Crazy Cakes." You can find more of these lovies by clicking on the links provided. Until next time darlings....Cheerio!
(Photos Courtesy of: crazycakes and mypinkboutique)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The madness continues.....

I had a lovely, yet brief moment (5 days to be exact) of glorious and relaxing vacation time filled with much non-obligation and nothingness to bask in this past week, now its back to the old academic grind! Yes, summer classes have started. I am happy to say though that this past spring semester's crazy and almost sleepless nights devoted to writing last minute term paper reflections have finally paid off! All A's and one B to be exact!!!!! And I can say I did it working full time and going to school full time too! Never again, unless it is necessary. I have missed writing in Studio*Bijou! I feel as though this semester has practically sucked all the creativity left in my brain and physically drained me! How much creativity left you ask? Its simple. Let me paint you a picture. The setting: Picture a hammock nestled between two large coconut trees along an aqua green ocean, beside the hammock rests a frosted-cold glass of pink lemonade and the May edition of Southern Lady and Romantic homes. Along the soft sandy white beaches are clusters of tropical chikees and euro-bright sunbrellas! The location: Tahiti! In other real designing news I decided to try my hand at something so easy and elegant to create! I must admit that the credit goes to my previous Saturday spring semester class: "Arts and Crafts in Early Childhood." Aren't these flower pens just darling?! They make simple lovely gifts for Valentines, Showers, Birthdays, and Mothers Day just to name a few! Materials consist of: Self adhesive Green floral tape, Silk Flowers, and pens. The flowers pictured above include blushing Peonies (a current favorite of mine) and sunset colored roses. Other recommended flowers can include: Sunflowers, Gerber Daisies, Orchids, Magnolias, and Gardenias! Have fun, be creative, the possibilities are endless! Until next time designers and treasure hunters! Cheers!
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