Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007 Starting Auctions!

Hi There Family & Friends! I have listed the first Studio*Bebe! Auctions of 2007!!!!! Here is a picture of one of three auctions currently listed. To visit this auction click on the link above! *A Special Thankyou goes out to my Beautiful Model Zoei seen in the picture above!!!!! Thankyou Zoei!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eye Candy for the Designer!

Click Here to Visit Store

Okay all you Artists and Designers out there, CHECK THIS ONE OUT! How cool is this Gift?! This is a sweet Heart shaped box of goodies (perfect for that special designer in your life hint hint) including: beads, yarn, ribbon, buttons, pink pom pom balls, confetti, appliques and more! To me this is right up there with the real box of chocolates! I just had to share this one with ya'll!!!!! You can find this unique Valentine's gift at Until next time treasure hunters, happy shopping!
(Photo Courtesy of: Inspire Company)

Spring Semester Starts

I miss doing nothing already. I have Zoey to make that up for me though :) It's official! Spring Classes have started and I have a new job working for an Early Childhood Facility! This semester is going to be the craziest, busiest one yet! I'm excited about the classes but am still super dreading it! I have so many community service hrs that I have to complete by May and I have started my First Practicum already. So with that being said I may be "MIA" at times due to my studies. I can't wait till summer. On a lighter note, S*B! interviews will be debuting sometime soon in my blog so stay tuned!!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Studio*Bebe! Top 100 Boutiques List

My Mania has taken me to a whole new level! I have decided to create my own top 100 Boutiques Site List! Any designers out there interested in being on another Top 100 Sites Shopping list (or perhaps your first) feel free to join! Just click on the banner above and follow the directions from there. Hope to see ya on my top 100 Boutique Sites!
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