Sunday, November 29, 2009

Plant City Rib Fest 2009

(Camellia Rose Tea Room)

(The best kind of fine china, oh the nostalgia!)

(She's such a little Ham~;o)

(Old Rustic Charm)

Last weekend we visited Plant City to attend their annual Rib Fest!! There must have been over 20 different vendors selling ribs to choose from!! I didn't get too many pictures of the festival because it was too crowded. However, after enjoying some yummy samples from several different booths, we made our way to the Historic District of Plant City. They have a good handful of antique shops in the area, a tea room, a nice little park, and a really neat railroad station. The homes in the historic district are well worth driving around to look at too. If you enjoy these things and your in the vicinity, check it out! Until next time~:o)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruskin Seafood Festival 2009

(Picture courtesy of Daddyo~;o)

(Salt water marshes on the beach.)

(Yummy fried food!!)

(More serenity.....)

(A single palm tree graces the beach.)

(Isabella enjoying some fun in the sun~;o)

So we went to Ruskin a couple of weeks ago to attend their annual Seafood Festival. It is actually a lovely little family friendly, recreational area! To my surprise, it was right by the beach and E. G. Simmons Park! The park kind of reminds me of Picnic Island only better~:o) It was a busy festival! Some of the activities included: Various artsy vendors, moon walks, games, the Mote Aquarium and some of their fantastic sea animals, a live karaoke band, multiple raffles, and the food of course~;o) And the beach was a bonus!! If your in the area and looking for a diamond in the rough, visit E.G Simmons Park and Beach in Ruskin, Florida. Until next time friends~;o)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tarpon Springs November 2009

(I'm smiling lots now hee hee!!)

I absolutely LOVE Florida!! There are so many fun things to see and do!! All we need is more rain and a little bit of snow (which we never get) and this is one of the top ideal places in the US to reside~;o) That is at least I think so~;o) So we took Isabella to Tarpon Springs for the first time. She loved it!! Practically slept the whole time!! Have ya caught on to my sarcasm yet? "Yeah Rebecca, it was rather cheesy, just stick to the post and cute baby. Okay ya'll no problem he he~;o) This was another great opportunity to practice my amateur photography skills~;o) The sponge docks are always fun to visit here, they have a trolley that circulates around the vicinity, a park and a beach right up the road. If your in the area it is worth visiting. Wanna read more about this area? Click the orange link in the post, you can also click here. I thought I'd also post a new recent picture of Isabella, this was taken while in Tarpon Springs and she was about 8 weeks in the picture. We also went to Ruskin this past weekend, I will post pics of this in a new post soon!! Until next time friends~;o)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fall Carnival

So every October, St. Patrick's School holds their annual fall Carnival. I took advantage of the opportunity to practice my photography skills. No entry fees means free photos~;o) I think that carnivals, state fairs, and festivals hold many points of interest, so I was very excited about going~:o) I went towards the evening time when I took these, just around six o'clock. A little help from you professional natural lighting comrades out there please....when is the best time to shoot clear and beautiful pictures? When do you shoot? And finally, I have a Nikon D40, absolutely love it!! I want to get the bigger lens now: 18-200mm lens. Anyone know where the cheapest place to purchase this lens could be? Your feedback is most helpful. Until next time~:o)
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