Friday, September 23, 2011

Deal of the day!

As promised, here's my find of the day!

(LANDS END Lilac Flower Tunic Dress)

I love Lands End clothes! Today I found this sweet little girls tunic dress top for less than $10! This would look so adorable paired with some white leggings! The original price is $24.50 plus tax and shipping. It's been marked down to $11.99. Today Lands End is having a "take an extra 25% off plus free shipping on orders over $50.00" sale. So then 25% off brought the top to $8.99! However, because the dress was previously in my shopping cart they honored a prior free ship coupon! So $8.99 plus the tax and free ship put this cute tunic at a grand total of $9.62!! Well worth the price for a quality name brand piece of clothing! The sale is still going on if you want to check it out: Happy shopping ya'll!!

Greetings All :)


Wow, yeah aaaaaagain it's been a while! Well lets just say I haven't done the best with my "changes" list in the area of blogging more! A little more challenging than I thought it would be! Maybe I should set my standards to blogging twice a month so I can hopefully better meet this challenge. Perhaps the posts will be more rich in sharing as well, we'll see :)

Anyways....Happy first day of Fall ya'll!! I am squeezing in one last official summer picture of Bella in her suit enjoying the "Lion Fountains" at Kate Jackson. Yeah, there will be more visits to the fountains as our real Fall tends to show up around mid November, that is if we are lucky ;) Whether or not I get around to posting is an entirely different story!

So quick up date for my friends and family here! Bella just celebrated her 2nd birthday at the beginning of the month! Hard to believe that I have a two year old now! She and I have both started "BSF" - Bible Study Fellowship (Thank you Amber :) and we are very excited to begin studying the book of Acts. Interested in joining in? Drop me a line: I have also opened up the shop again and have added my newest line of vintage Illustration images and photos to the store! Check it out if you wish: And finally for now, yes I am going to continue to share my "deals of the day" posts with you because I'd love to share the savings with you! Just keep in mind, at the pace I've been blogging they may be more of "deals of the month" instead ;) I stumbled across a good one today that I will post for you later on today!

Getting ready to head out and plan some birthday festivities for my beloved husband, father, and father-in-law! Yep you heard me right, three in a period of two days. Wishing you all a fantastic first day of Fall! Until next time friends ;)
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