Monday, May 21, 2007

Delightful Delectables!

I should be hard at work doing my homework right now but its just so much more fun to go treasure hunting for beautiful and unique findings! With that being said here are the finds of the evening! These yummy pastries actually come from two different sellers. The first two cakes come from "The Pink Boutique." The last two chenille cakes come from "Crazy Cakes." You can find more of these lovies by clicking on the links provided. Until next time darlings....Cheerio!
(Photos Courtesy of: crazycakes and mypinkboutique)


Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

thanks so much for featuring my crazy cakes! your blog is lovely.

now, go do your homework!!!

emily aka crazycakes

Rebecca said...

The pleasure is mine Emily ;)

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