Thursday, June 18, 2009

Savannah and Charleston Highlights

I could have added so many more pictures from the trip to this post. I must have taken over five hundred! So as you can see, I had to REALLY narrow it down a bit~;o) To see them all, visit my facebook page. Wow where to begin....most of what we visited was all historical, which I love. This way I can put a short story with a picture. This was a truly amazing little vacation we took. And my ankles only managed to swell up twice during the entire trip! Twice and only twice so far, I want to keep it that way! Word to the wise fellow pregger friends. While touring other cities during vacation, don't go gallivanting all around town in sandals. And for those of you who already knew this (which would probably account for about 98% of you) why didn't y'all warn me?! So we were in Savannah for six days and Charleston for one. Yep, that's right. We made a surprise visit there instead of Hilton Head Island, it was a last minute change of plans so sorry to say that there are no beach pictures this time. Although we did manage to squeeze a couple of lighthouse pictures in. We toured a lot of Savannah, and we did this by foot pretty much most of the the time. But everything was close in and there was much to see and visit so it was well worth the walk, and exercise~;o) We were up at the crack of dawn practically every morning and back at around 8pm almost every evening. Long days for us yet we still didn't manage to squeeze everything that we wanted to see in. But for the most part we did very well and now we have an excellent excuse to go back~;o) Although I do have to say, after visiting one would hardly need to come up with an excuse for visiting, the scenery alone is enough! Some of the grand highlights of our vacation included: A trolley tour, City Market, the 22 Historical District Squares, Tybee Island Lighthouse, Fort Pulaski, the Cockspur Lighthouse, Wormsloe Plantation, the Lady and Sons Restaurant, southern food, and blueberry picking! It is good to be back, though I will say after seeing Charleston, we almost wanted to move there! Enjoy the pictures~:o)


Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

WOW!! I've never been to Georgia---looks BEAUTIFUL!! ANd, your photography is just amazing!! Hope you are feeling well!! Stacey

Rebecca said...

Thank you Stacey~:o) We had a lot of fun! I am feeling okay, I don't know how you did this three times!

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