Monday, June 15, 2009

A visit with the locals.....

While at the market in Savannah we visited the second floor expecting to see more shops but instead got a bonus! Several of the locals rent a decent sized work studio on this floor. Some of these type of studios include: jewelry, knitting, and painting. We were lucky to run into Derek Larson of Addikt Space Studios. Derek and his friend Kyle Stavella, are both graduates of The Savannah College of Art and Design or (SCAD). Their studio is located in The City Market at the intersection of Jefferson and w. St. Julian St. on the second floor. Some of their work in includes various forms of painting, and unique digital comic strip art on vintage window panes.

When we planned our trip to Savannah I made certain to squeeze some time in to visit Wormsloe's Historic Site! Oaks trees stretch for about a mile before reaching the historic ruins and their museum (which by the way is filled with all kinds of reasonably priced treasures.) The staff was extremely helpful and friendly too! If your heading into Savannah, this is a must see! A special thank you goes out to Thomas and Kathy for making our visit an extra comfortable one!

Before heading into Charleston, we were fortunate to stumble across Champney's Farm. One of the highlights of this farm is their blueberry bushes run by John and his daughter Cameron. Very friendly and helpful people, they give you the option of purchasing blueberries right off the table, or grabbing a bucket and picking them on your own. And if your lucky, you might get to see their cute new puppy Isabel! They are located in Ravenel, SC 29470. If you are interested in purchasing from them they can be reached at (843) 763-6564.

As we were on our way to the visitor's center in Charleston, we came across a jolly bunch of men who were so kind to let me snap a photo of them~:o) The Charleston Fire Department has to be one of the kindest crew I've ever met. If your in their neck of the woods your sure to get a friendly "hi" from them~:o) Their station dates back to 1882. Thats about all for now friends, my next post will include highlights of our visit in both cities, stay tuned!

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