Wednesday, October 05, 2011

September Quarterly Top 5 Photo Linky Party

Hey all!! Dropping in for a quick summer re-cap and my first blog "link up!" Wanna join in the fun? Here is the link, and here are our top five summer pics (this was really tough btw!!)

Amber's Articles

Number 1. "Ooooh baby look who's turned 2!"
There were so many other favorites, but this one just seemed most appropriate for spot number one. Need I say more ;)


Number 2. "Who Me?!"
Isabella kept drinking the water from the splash fountains at The Florida Aquarium, (yeah, I know gross) and everytime I told her "No, no" she thought it was the funniest thing! These were pretty much they only smiling pictures I got of her that day, go figure ;)


Number 3. Yellow Rose of Texas
This summer we had the wonderful opportunity to model some beautiful couture headbands for a boutique on etsy! We even got to keep them! Yellow is a pretty hard color to pull off don't you think?


Number 4. "Who you Lookin at!"
This is one of those fluke portraits I got lucky on ;) I just kept snapping pics and when I went to edit them later that evening I found this one of her frowning!


Number 5. We love America!
You know I had to include a 4th of July pic!! This was taken just before the sun started to set. We enjoyed a day at the Splash Ground in Dunedin and then came back to do some fireworks with our neighbors :)


Interested in sharing your top 5 summer pics? Visit Amber's Articles to link up! Enjoy the beautiful day everyone!


Amber said...


YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you joined us and you were the 100th entrant.

Bella is so adorable! I love every shot, but especially the one of her in the water (probably bc I was there when you took it).

I'll see you soon (and I hope you win one of the gifts).

Rebecca said...

Thank you Amber!! I had trouble figuring it out the first two times since this is my first link up lol! So feel free to delete the extra links I accidently posted :) And thank you for the invite!

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