Sunday, October 09, 2011

Do YOU have....


This new social site is the bomb ya'll! It's an online pin board that lets you plan parties, gives you ideas for the home, helps you plan dinner meals, and for me....just plain inspires me!! I am addicted people! And best of's FREE!! To give you an example of what I am talking about, here is mine. Feel free to follow me too if you'd like :) So far I have used pinterest for planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party, and my husband and father's birthday as well. Check out the cool cakes I made for my hubby and father! Both like baseball and I went on pinterest to find the ideas for the cake and cupcakes!

My Hubby's Baseball Cake

Dad's Baseball Cupcakes

A Baseball Themed Birthday!!

Btw, I also made both of these from scratch! Here is the recipe if you are interested in trying your hand at a cake made from scratch, the recipe is simple, and easy to follow:


Amber said...

Girl, I LOVE PINTEREST!!!! Like LOVE it!!!

You did a great job.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Amber!! This was a fun theme!!

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