Sunday, September 12, 2010

Curly Ribbon Cake Picks

Spruce up a plain cake with Curly Ribbon Cake Picks!! These are so easy to make and can be done in any color combination to match your party theme ~;o) All you need are twisties, curly ribbon and a pair of scissors....thats right just 3 items!! My kind of project, fast and simple ~;o)


Just cut your ribbon to desired length, curl each color on each side, place the twisty in the center of the curled ribbon and twist tightly into a straight line, all the way down....and tada!!! You have your sweet little cake embellishments!! Then just push them into the desired spot on your cake.


In this small 6" inch round smashcake that I made for Isabella, I created 4 Curly Ribbon Twisties for the cake, I added edible confetti sprinkles, and topped it off with a cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse character. My daughter absolutely LOVES Mickey Mouse!!


A close up of the details...


Btw, I found the Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters at Party City for 99 cents each! They have all kinds of different characters at dirt cheap prices. Happy Baking!!

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