Saturday, October 31, 2009


(It's the Great Pumpkin!)

(Old Hyde Park Pumpkin Patch.)

(Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!)

(My little Pumpkin!)

(She was the cutest in the patch, so we picked her~;o)

I'm a little late with these but, here they are! We took these pictures of Isabella in the pumpkin patch at Old Hyde Park Village a couple of weeks ago. She was six weeks old in the photos. I'm so glad we took them when we did. Unfortunately with the awful heat again in Florida this year, many of the Pumpkins rotted. I wish there was a pumpkin patch here in Florida where you could just cut them right off of the vine! That would be a lot of fun~:o) Yes I'm that easily amused folks!! It's the little things that get me~;o) I love pumpkin patches and this time of year is always extra fun! As I've said before, I love to see new beautiful places! Send me a link to your blog or site with your pumpkin patch outing, I'd love to see your pumpkin patch pictures! Wishing you all a Merry Halloween and a Happy Harvest!

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