Monday, December 01, 2008

Chic and Chenille~;o)

Okay so now I am hooked on Chenille Pipe Cleaners! Aren't these chic little handmade {ornaments} just darling?!?! I had so much fun making them! The Candy Canes are so easy to make. Just take two 12 inch pipe cleaners and twist them together, then trim each end till the stick is about 9 inches and bend one side to a crook, and you have a sweet little candy cane! The Snow Flakes are a little bit more involved than the Candy Canes. Here are my instructions on how to make them:
  1. Take three 12 inch white pipe cleaners and trim them all to about 6 1/2 inches.
  2. Hold all three trimmed 6 1/2 inch pipe cleaners together and give them one to three good twists in the middle. (This will hold them together)
  3. Now spread each stem apart.
  4. Add 5 to 7 clear plastic beads on each stem. Be sure to curl each end with needle nose pliers or the tip of a pencil will work.
  5. Add string or yarn to one of the snowflake tips by curling the tip of the pipe cleaner end around the string or yarn. Enjoy your snowflake ornament!

The Christmas Wreaths are the most time consuming ornaments to make so I will leave it for Martha to explain to you. To make them go here: Martha How to video These ornaments are so easy to make and are great for decorating the Christmas tree, gifts, and so much more.....enjoy!

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