Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dinner on a Trolley

I wonder how they got it into the restaurant??

We ate in here~:o)

This was our appetizer.....

( I had Fettuccine Alfredo~;o)

I guess we can say that I have become somewhat of a camera fanatic these a recent post I mentioned that I was in search of an upgrade. After much research and the help of a good friend (Thank you Aimee~;o) I have decided on the Nikon D40. <----- Go here if you want to learn more about this camera. Because I use my camera so much I have decided to kick it up a notch for more professional results. Yes, I think I'm ready for an SLR! (Key word here friends, "She Thinks") With that being said, I will be looking into purchasing one within the next couple of weeks. So today we decided to go to one of snugglebear's favorite restaurants. Now "The Spaghetti Warehouse" is a franchise Restaurant.....but does yours have a Trolley in it?? The one in my neck of the woods does. We went around late afternoon and to my surprise it was quite empty. I insisted upon sitting in the trolley to dine, and to snugglebear's delight, it was empty. Usually he doesn't like to sit in the trolley because he complains that it is too stuffy and crowded with people. He was in a rather cranky mood so for us to have the trolley to ourselves was a plus for both of us. He concluded that most people were out shopping this weekend, so we enjoyed a nice quiet lunch in the old wooden streetcar~;o)

This is Upper Tampa Bay Park located just outside of Oldsmar.

This is the canoe launch in the park.

These beauties were lit throughout the entire park.

Much happier after eating, he posed for a picture, unusual for him~;o)

This is all salt water!

After a delicious afternoon meal, we headed into Town and Country where snugglebear had recently learned of a nearby National State Park and Wildlife nature trail. We love these because they are free, they are great for exploring and for taking pictures~;o) We stumbled across a bonus....they were having a "Holiday in the Park" event for families, the festivities included Christmas lights throughout the park, cookies, games, and a hayride~:o) To my knowledge the Christmas Lights display will be going on till the end of December. If your in the vicinity I recommend a visit, you'll certainly be glad you did~:o)

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