Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in Downtown, Tampa

(Lykes Gaslight Park in Downtown, Tampa)

(Details of the Cascading Fountain.)

(I didn't even know about this fountain, what a refreshing surprise it was!)

(City Hall Downtown, Tampa.)

(Taking a break for some yummy Gourmet Pizza!)

(Bumble Bee, enjoying the warm weather.)

We took my dad out for pizza this past weekend in Downtown, Tampa. And we stumbled across a bonus!! Apparently the Gasparilla Art Fest was going on ~;o) I didn't bother to try and get pics of the vendors at their booths because I wasn't in the mood to ask them if I could or for being rejected, yes that happens sometimes ~;o) But I did manage to snap a couple of pictures in Old Downtown Tampa for your enjoyment! For those of you who share a love of photography, there are some excellent points of interest! Just be sure to start early and be prepared to make a day of it!! Until next time ~:o)


Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

beautiful pics...and love the family pics.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Stacey!! ~:o)

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