Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Newest Best Friends~;o)

So these wonderful 3 items have made taking care of baby much easier these past several weeks~:o) If you are expecting your first baby soon or if you are looking for great gift ideas, I highly recommend any form of these items:
  1. Bjorn Carrier (A must have for every new parent!!) Travel systems are the bomb, but when you don't need the extra bulk or you are trying to fit into smaller spaces at fun events, this is the problem solver~:o)
  2. Evenflo Travel System (Great for walks in the park, shopping, and much more!!) Mine has a spot for baby wipes, cup holders for drinks, a very roomy basket below for diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags, and then there is this really cool secret compartment for cell phone, wallet, and keys, love it!! Very afordable too!
  3. Fisher Price Swing (Great for when you need a break~;o) Mine is the Tropical Rain Forest style. It plays music, makes nature sounds, and has a mobile for entertaining. Isabella LOVES hers~;o)

There ya have it new parents and parents to be!! So tell me alumni.....what are your favorites?? I'm all ears~;o)

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