Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Cold and Crisp January Day

(Downtown Tampa is just between those two trees)

Sorry I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks. I've been very busy trying to get so many things organized. I was on my way to sign up at a local gym this evening and made a quick pit stop for my camera. The gym is by the park so I took a couple of pictures at around five this evening. Yes this park is "Down By the Bay" like the kids song (hence the reason there is so much water in the pics)~;o) What an extremely frigid day it was today! My hands went numb after a couple of snapshots! I really enjoyed this quiet time to myself. Life can get rough at times. Then there are those truly magical moments where you run into familiar friendly faces. You know, when the room is busy with chatter, and your just stopping to take it all in, then a pair of eyes glance up and the chatter becomes faded until it comes to a full stop that lasts almost half a minute. And then this incredibly huge smile comes across their face that words can't even express. What joyous and rare moments to lose yourself in...


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase a quote: "You know, often, this incredibly huge smile comes across my face that words can't even express. It's on those joyous and rare moments" ... after I step in the copious piles of poop from those very same seagulls you shot pictures of in this entry. It makes me feel like one with the earth and the birds and the sky. Twitter in peace.

The Designing Diva said...

I can always count on you for a humorous paraphrase~:o)

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