Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 Sardines and a baseball cap.....

were this past weekend's catches of the day! We headed out to Fort De Soto beach on Mothers Day and did some yummy grilling and fishing off the pier! The menu for the cookout included: ribs (my favorite), wings (my next favorite), Emeril sausages (YUM! especially the apple glazed ones!), pork, potatoes, salad, and bread. It was quite the feast~:o) I also caught my first fish ever! That is if you want to include sardines into the fishing category lol! I did the catching and snugglebear did the unhooking.....uck. I caught about 20 sardines and snugglebear's dad's baseball cap! Yup, the wind was kickin too and blew it into the water but I used my handy dandy beginners skills and somehow managed to fish it out! (Translated, got lucky cause the wind blew the hat in my direction.) It was quite a weekend! And now I must go tend to the scathing sunburn that I acquired during my stay in Fort Desoto.....ugg. Until nextime friends~;o)

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