Saturday, December 08, 2007

my pampered pumpkin.....

Paws 'n Tails Pet Collars

I spoiled my kitty with some goodies for being such a good girl at her first visit to the groomers. She is such a ham! Bought her this posh pink collar from Paws 'n Tails Pet Collars on etsy! To find more of these lovely accessories click on the link above!

I also spoiled her with the sweetest cat nip treats by Jake & Micah: these come in the fun shape of a fortune cookie! You can also find these on etsy or buy them directly from there website. There ya have it, your pet finds of the evening! Hope everyone is having a fun holiday season so far! Until next time treasure hunters! xoxo~Designing Diva~:o)

(A tired Zoey resting from her first visit to the groomers)

(Pictures Courtesy of: Paws n' Tails Pet Collars and Jake & Micah on Etsy)

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