Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Winding Down

Whelp, its back to the books! Tomorrow is the first official day of classes for me. I am only taking three classes this semester so it shouldn't be as grueling as the Spring Term was. It has been a nice laid back summer. I just LOVE summer and these pictures really capture the season! I am excited about the Fall term though because at the end of the semester I will be receiving my CDA (Child Development Associate) and Director's Credential! Finally a piece of paper to wave around to make me feel more important! I can't wait to receive them!

(Pictures Courtesy of: flickr)


love.boxes said...

Love these pictures. I wish I were on my way there today. A diet coke a great book and a hammock.. the perfect vacation! :)

The Designing Diva said...

Don't forget the new issue of Romantic Homes and Home Companion Magazine ~;o)

I Am Nycole said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I feel like I can walk right out on the water.

The Designing Diva said...

Thank you ~:o)

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