Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vintage Postcards: One of my many Collections Started!

There is something about A Vintage Santa Postcard that is magical! Is it perhaps the detail and hard work that designers put into them back in the day? I love collecting Vintage Holiday Postcards and have been collecting them for about a year now. My favorite vintage postcard designer is Ellen Clapsaddle! JohnWinsch is not too far behind as he is another artist I favor. What a wonderful talent both had! Vintage Holiday Postcards make beautiful decoration touches to the home! What ever Season we're in, I like to bring mine out to help Celebrate! They are such simple delights! I like to put them on the fridge lol! Kinda silly huh? Other common decor spots may include on the fireplace mantle, attached to a clip within a bouquet of flowers, they also make suprising Birthday cards, conversational center pieces and are perfect for the scrap-book lover! All you scrap-book lovers out there know what I'm talking about! They can range from an inexpensive 99 cents to a whopping $100 at antique shops and on ebay! I have been trying to collect the German Santa wearing Blue (See top picture) for the longest time now! He can be a hard one to find :) I found this one today but he is sitting at about $20 dollars right now and is most likely expected to go higher! Too bad he is not within my budget! I am considering the bottom picture though as this one sit holds a decent price!
(Photos Courtesy of: ebay)

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